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Insurance Fraud Investigations & Surveillance
Assessment Investigations & Services provides a quality and professional claim investigation for insurance companies, self-insured corporations, third party administrators and law offices.  We provide top level customer service and professional case management when we promptly investigate your claim. Conducting successful investigations is based on keeping up with fraud schemes and mastering the process and technology required to detect and investigate insurance fraud.  Our fraud investigations include worker's compensation, insurance claims, personal injury and general liability.

Criminal Investigations
We can provide with a proper investigation against robbery, assaults or other crimes that may have happened to you when the police are too busy.  Working with the police department to help with felony or misdemeanor cases and provide you with a past criminal history on an individual.

Civil Litigation Support
Assessment Investigations has experience providing court testimonies and depositions and can provide for your case if required.  We can also provide expert testimony in a court of law for private investigation.

ackground Investigations
We can research and provide information on an individuals criminal past, property or business ownership, arrest records, bankruptcy and other court records.

Asset Search
Assessment Investigations can provide a search of records that are not always available to the public.  We can locate hidden assets that will provide a overview of an individuals financial stability.

Process Serving of Legal Documents
We can serve legal documentation for civil, personal or job related issues.  Assessment Investigations associates are court appointed.

Domestic Investigations & Issues
Assessment Investigations investigators are seasoned professionals who can provide expert covert surveillance.  We gather video and other evidence you may need to make important decisions pertaining to your situation.

Other Services
We can provide other services relating to information gathering.  Please call us to discuss this option at 918-637-4450.

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