Assessment Investigations & Services, LLC


“The length of the DVD is listed as 39 minutes.  It is of excellent technical quality and much of it appears to be HD.  The investigator provided thorough and detailed verbal supplementation to the video.  This surveillance video was probably the best technically produced that I have seen.”

~ Doctor of Neurological Surgery

"If you need a good private investigator, contact Assessment Investigations & Services, LLC.  I have used them and been very pleased with their work.  Their video and reports were excellent. Their prices are reasonable and they have many different types of services they provide.  Give them a call and discuss your particular needs.  I'm sure you will be impressed with what they can do for you."

- Claim's Adjuster, Workers' Compensation Department

"If you are searching for a dependable investigator, search no longer.  Assessment Investigations & Services, LLC has been found not only to be dependable but very successful.  The reports and updates are extremely timely and is accompanied with a quality DVD.  Know when you assign Assessment Investigations & Services, LLC to any job it will be done very professionally."
-Claims Adjuster, Workers’ Compensation Dept.

"I have obtained the services of Assessment Investigations & Services, LLC to assist with background checks for my potential renters.  I found their services to be of the highest quality with reasonable prices.  I highly recommend them and have been extremely pleased with the service they provide."
-Kathy Collins, Property Owner 

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